Monday, July 22, 2019

A Trip to Lebanon in 70ish Photos

Lets see how many photo albums I can upload before the end of the year!! This is around 70 of 528 photos I took in Lebanon. I omitted as much as possible, promise.

From Left: Anne, Boo, Patricia, George, Jim, Maya, Jen, Fadi, Me, Kait

I landed in Lebanon in the early, early hours of December, 27th, the day of my friend Jen's wedding. We went to sleep for a few hours after she and the groom picked me up from the airport, and then got up and got ready for a wedding!

Jen's mom and sister helping her zip her dress.

Jen and one of her brothers before the wedding parade arrived.

View of Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea.

Before the ceremony:

After the ceremony:

The reception:

My timeline after the wedding is a little blurry.

Day trip to Baalbek:

A night out:

Days following:

New Year's Eve:

New Year's Day:

Glitter actually fell out of my suitcase when I got home.

This was one of the greatest trips of my life! I saw so many amazing things, spent time with people I've known for 22 years, and made new friends that I will always love!

Bonus footage - if I were in Where's Waldo: