Monday, November 26, 2018

How to Throw the BEST Harvest Dinner / Friendsgiving Ever

Simply gather the following items and complete the following action items to dazzle your guests with your hosting and decorating skills.
  1. Wait until Fall 2019
  2. ground cover - I used this giant area rug I got for free on Craigslist (free)
  3. table - I made a low table out of four stacked pallets with a piece of plywood on top - the pallets were free from work and the plywood came from the hardware store (free + $20)
  4. seating - I used these pillows from inside my house (free)
  5. candles - I used empty beer bottles from my recycling bin - get a sister and a brother in law who like to drink beer and invite them over - you will have enough bottles in just one weekend visit - add candles from the dollar store ($4)
  6. plates - any will do, or you could cut a log into discs for extra points (free)
  7. table décor - forage for little pine cones, rocks, etc. - spray paint them a trendy color (free + $8 if you don't already have spray paint) - also use the fruit you bought for work lunches and place them around the table - then put them back in your lunch box (free) - don't be afraid to throw leaves on the table in a "random" pattern (free)
  8. silverware - I hope you already have this (free)

  9. dinner - you'll need to cook dinner for your guests! I made a pot roast in a crock pot and some baked apples - guests brought other dessert items ($30-$60-$90, I don't know your tastes)

  10. other lighting - its the fall, so it's going to get dark earlyish - don't forget to add lights above your spread - I used my xmas lights (free) and made these handy light holders to string them up - they are made from long 1.5x1.5 Alexandria molding, aka treated wood beams ($48 😬) with screw hooks at the top ($8) - they need be pretty far into the ground to hold the tension in the string lights - make it work

  11. don't forget to invite lots of friendly people! (usually free)

  12. only invite people who will come with cute babies - this is the most important part (free for you, expensive for the parents long-term) 

  13. time to eat! - watch adorable moments unfold (free)

  14. smile at how cute your friends are (free)

  15. try not to get baby fever - just try (free, but potentially expensive)

  16. watch everybody roll around (free)

  17. enjoy as your setup becomes even more magical in the dark (free)

  18. don't forget a lighter to light the candles! ($1)

  19. clean up tomorrow ♥ (free)

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