Monday, October 19, 2015

Lazy Hobbyist Learns to Layer

Most mornings I have a routine. I wake up and before I'm able to get out of bed I check two things on my phone. I check my sleep monitor to see if my sleep quality matches the way I feel, and I check my email. One morning last week when checking my email I read this blog post by Gracey, a tall blogger from Pittsburgh, whose blog I subscribe to via email. Her blog is called Fashion for Giants. I like Gracey's blog because she doesn't take herself too seriously and manages to turn out posts that consistently feel like notes from a friend. One morning last week I was casually scrolling through until she mentioned her chambray shirt.

"Hmm, haven't worn my chambray shirt in a while," I thought. "She made it really cute pairing it with a cardigan. ... I own a cardigan, AND I have a patterned skirt sort of like that. I should wear this exact outfit today. I should wear this exact outfit today and then TELL HER I wore this exact outfit today."

Instant blog post.

A few things fell together perfectly the morning I put on this outfit: 

1) I was reading Gracey's post at the exact moment in the day where I would be thinking "I need to get dressed."

2) I was in a good enough mood to put on more than leggings and a giant, shapeless shirt a tunic.

3) I had already intended to do my hair today, so that worked out for the photo shoot. This was less of the usual slob kind of day - I had not taken a styling tool to my hair in at least three months.

The photos above are Gracey in her outfit for the day (left), and me copying her outfit (right). I think I did an alright job. This is probably the best I have looked at work since I canceled my Gwynnie Bee membership. RIP.

Thanks Gracey!


  1. I have the closet of a goddess thanks to LOFT... maybe I will put some effort in today ;)

    You (and she) look precious.

  2. I love your look. In fact, you inspired *me* to try my skirt with a teal cardigan!