Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ok I Just Have To Tell You About This Watch

**This is not an advertisement. I have no affiliation with Withings or anyone important, for that matter.**

About a week ago I came across this baby on the internet. I don't remember when or where or how, but it was love at first sight. In all my years of searching I've never come across a fitness watch this attractive, period. Plus it's loaded with functionality, plus it's waterproof, plus it DOESN'T HAVE TO BE CHARGED.

Did you get that? No charging. I'm smitten. By the way, it's called the Activite Pop and it's by Withings.

Normally when I want to buy something over $100, especially in a market as saturated as fitness wearables, I'm going to do a lot of research to make sure it's the best there is. In this case, I didn't have to. 

Here's why:

Somewhere between one and two years ago I decided I wanted a fitness watch. I did a TON of research on all the options back then, and at the time what I was looking for was the most in-depth and accurate data. Data data data. Eventually I decided on the Basis watch. I think the Fitbit Force came in a close second, but it had been recalled. I didn't care about the recall, I ain't afraid of no skin rashes, but it had been pulled from the shelves of every store. I could not get my hands on one. I digress.

I wore the Basis watch for a week or so and was not impressed with it's look and need to be charged all the time, so I returned it to Best Buy. They have a great return policy, btw. The point of the story is even after a ton of research, I still ended up with something I wasn't happy with.

Then a few months ago I tried the Apple Watch. I wanted to tell you all about it in another post, but it was turning out to be a BORING POST, and I don't just publish anything, ya know?

These are all the photos I took of the Apple Watch when I was wearing it. On the left is the main screen and the two right photos are from Instagram. It was aiight.

So why is the Withings watch so special? WELL did I tell you that you don't have to charge it? It runs on a battery that lasts about 8 months - more if you don't use the silent vibrating alarm it offers. That was like the number one selling point for me because when I tried both the Basis and the Apple Watch, there was always a question of when to charge. Overnight maybe, but the sleep monitoring was a feature I was really into, so night time wasn't ideal. In both test drive scenarios I usually charged the watch while at work standing at my desk. Being physically attached to my workstation long enough to charge up was annoying. But you know what? Being conscious of the battery life of my wearable was really annoying in general.

I am also in love with the Withings watch because it just freaking looks good. Did you see how heinously ugly the first Basis watch was? The Apple Watch was beautiful, but the good-looking one, pictured above, was way out of my price range. Plus I wouldn't be able to bring myself to wear the handsome Apple Watch at the gym. I'd destroy it for sure. The Activite Pop watch is nice enough to be worn to a wedding (really, I wore it to a wedding on Friday) but casual enough to be worn at the gym (did that too). Don't ask me how they managed that. I think it has to do a lot with the coloring. The creme, almost dusty-rose-like color is just so chique, but the watch has a simple face and the band is rubber, so voila, there's your casual element. You can also change the bands to purple, blue or orange. I chose to wear a color band daily to keep the creme one looking fresh for nice occasions. The accessories pack cost me about $30.

Lastly, the watch is waterproof. This makes for a TRUE set-it-and-forget-it type of data collection. You buy the watch. You put it on. You sleep in it. You shower with it on. And it's up to you whether you check the accompanying app daily, weekly, or hourly.

So how much did this watch cost me? It retails at $149.00 but I got it when it was on price match at Best buy for $129.00. I bought it with a gift card so if you consider the fuelperks you could argue I got it for $113.52.

I've been wearing the watch for about a week an a half so far, and I'm still super into it. Once I get some more data we can look at some trends! Riveting. I know.

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