Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Boyfriend Lives in Raleigh Now

Two weeks ago my boyfriend moved to the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. You remember Rob, right? We went to Cleveland in May and on a Birthday Brewery Tour in December. 

After a few weeks of freaking out over the logistics of a long distance relationship, I calmed down things calmed down. We found him an apartment the last weekend in August, and then moved his stuff into the apartment the first weekend in September. The next weekend he moved, and two weeks later I visited him at his new apartment. That was this weekend. Should I draw up a timeline?

Friday night we stayed in and had wine and cheese. Saturday it was rainy all day, but we went to Durham anyway to explore the American Tobacco Campus. The following photos are from Durham, aka the Bull City.

Our first stop was the Burts Bees Headquarters where we looked at some bees. After about 15 minutes of searching I gave up looking for the queen.

There is a stream running through the campus. It starts out small at the northern end of campus, where Rob is in the photo above, and it ends up as a giant waterfall outside of the Art Institute at the south end of campus.

Throughout the campus there are multiple points of interest. The photo above shows a life-size chess game. The lower photo is a fountain made from row of beer taps.

This sign is at the southern entrance to the campus.

The Durham Bulls Stadium is across the street.

This is a photo of us in the stadium.

This bull hangs out on Main Street in Durham.

Here are some closeups of the bees.

So far, being apart doesn't really feel any different than when he lived 45 minutes away. Weekends will probably be the hardest, but we're already planned out for the rest of the year with flights to NC and trips home to Pittsburgh. Next time I see him will be on Liz and Josh's wedding weekend, which is 23 days away. 23 days doesn't feel that long... yet.

Let the countdown begin!


  1. Oh my gosh, please take Mike and I to the beer tap fountain when we visit you! <3

    1. For sure! It's outside a place called Mellow Mushroom, across the street from the stadium.