Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm a Beast

To catch you up, each day with a star is a day I worked out. I was using the 21 Day Fix program from Beach Body and I was doing okay, then I did better, etc.

Then in March I tried another fix (marked in yellow) and got one day of exercise in. Go me. I tried again (in pink) and got five days of exercising in. Then in April I did nothing, and as the end of the month neared, I must have realized that I was about to get through a whole month without exercising. As you can see I got two days of working out in, which I'm assuming was some kind of running. That also reminds me, I signed up for a ten mile race and blew it off. Not a good exercise month for me.

May wasn't much different. I don't remember, but I'm assuming the workout days in May were some combination of running or workout DVDs. Then clearly, in June, something changed. Do you see the stars that month? Hurry, check out July and August.

Look at me, consistently exercising, for three months straight. Are you wondering what happened? ME TOO.

Just kidding. I know exactly what happened. I got into CrossFit.

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