Monday, June 15, 2015

Bachelorette Weekend!

Last weekend we went to Naples, Florida for Katie's bachelorette weekend.

Kira and I on the airplane. My sister got me that lipstick.

This is the suite the five of us stayed in at The Inn on Fifth. There were two queen beds and a living area with a pull out couch.

Here's the bathroom. Club level y'all.

Here's the roof of the hotel with a platformed hot tub. I borrowed these photos from their web site.

The pool.

On the first night Courtney and Rachael went to pick Katie up from the airport, so Kira and I spent the evening on the roof at the hot tub. Kira made friends with a snail. They were everywhere.

Unlimited cookies.

Unlimited mimosas.

Unlimited. Mimosas.

Unlimited mimosas. - I perfected the juice to champagne ratio on my third try.

On day two Courtney, who lives in Naples, showed us the house she is building at Treviso Bay. I got these high contrast, over saturated gems from their web site. I believe Rilassare is the name of the club where the pool, gym, pool bar, and spa is housed.

Then we went to the pool at her new neighborhood.

We got lunch. These are mahi-mahi tacos - really delish. (My photo)

The pool.

Back at the Inn on Fifth suites... unlimited shrimp and bruschetta.

Hair tutorial time!! As you know, my hair isn't long enough, but Kira's is.

Night time on fifth.

Old friends.

The next day we went to the pool. Clockwise from left: Katie, Rachael, and Kira.

I got a new swim suit. V. cool.

I wish this shirt came in Rob's size.

Then we went shopping for gifts for LOVED ONES. There is a whole store that sells nothing but tumblers. I got these captain and first mate cups for Rob and I. He is the first mate.

That night we went for seafood.

Here is Katie, the bride.

From left: Kira, Katie, Me, Rachael, and Courntey

The girls!

Bye, Naples. We'll miss you. Can't wait to go back. I'm sure we'll find something else to celebrate soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Really Important News - I'm Growing My Hair Out

Three or four years ago my hair was about 15 inches long from the nape of my neck.

Then I pulled a Britney and cut it all off because I was feeling out of control of my own life.

It's been short ever since!

I operate under a lot of "rules" - too many rules. When I had long hair the rule was that short hair would invariably make my face look fat(er). Then I cut all my hair off and the rule was that my hair type just isn't right for long hair - "it's not doing anything for you." I don't know how many times I have to re-learn to stop putting myself into tiny boxes, but here I am learning it again. Enough rules. Just stopit.

So, recently I've been feeling like I've missed out on a lot of the cool hair trends of the Pinterest age. Maybe I'm noticing because I have short hair and feel left out, or maybe there has been a true surge of hair trends and styles because of the arrival of Pinterest (right around the time I cut my hair). Either way...

It will take a while for the shorter hairs on the back of my head to be able to reach far enough for some of these cool hair trends, so in the meantime.....

Here are all the long hair trends I've missed in the last four years:

Top Knot:


My bf Kira (rocking a top knot) and I (left)   -   My sister with a puppy and a top knot (right)

Sock Bun:


My love, Allison with awesome Ombré hair and her BF, Ron.

Lots of Overnight Curls:

Cool Braided Updos:

Basically all of Pinterest