Saturday, May 30, 2015

We Went to Cleveland, Ohio!

Over labor day weekend Rob and I went to Cleveland for a day trip on Sunday. We like to go to Cleveland, and we were planning on going anyway, but the main motivation to go this particular weekend was because I had returns to make at Nordstrom Rack from Hautelook.com. For the time being, the Nordstrom Rack in Cleveland Heights is the closest one to us. Like I said, we were already planning on going anyway... so it just worked out.

Whenever we go to Ohio we make it a point to go Melt Bar and Grilled. Melt has six locations, but they're all in Ohio. It has kind of a cult following in that people actually get tattoos of grilled cheese sandwiches in exchange for 25% off for life.

Every month Melt has a special sandwich. For the month of May 2015 the special was called The Sanchez. I almost got it, but then I saw this baby on the menu... fried mac and cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich, plus cheese.

Plus parmesan cheese on top. DANG.

This is my lipstick before the sandwich. It's new!

Here's my lipstick after the sandwich. Not sure how my lip bent all the way around to get on my chin.

I was able to eat half of the sandwich and the pickle. Freaking good.

Then we went to Nordstrom Rack. These are men's size 17 uggs that I found while Rob was looking for some slip on shoes. They were so outrageously large I just had to try them on. I made my returns, Rob got some shoes, and then we left the Rack.

Next we went to the beach on lake Erie. The specific park was called Edgewater park, and it was insanely busy. Because it's a beach, on a lake, surrounded by land and trees, the whole beach was littered with bits of sticks and dried up leaves. It was ok, but not ideal. There were also tons of bird feathers mixed in with the sand, and when the wind blew sand and bird feathers onto your wet body it was kind of gross. I've had much better luck with Lake Erie beaches at Presque Isle in Erie, PA. Just sayin'.


After the beach we stopped in Ohio City, the Lawrenceville of Cleveland, and got some ice cream at a place called Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream. We didn't go during our last visit because the line was too long and I was too drunk. This place seems like kind of a big deal. Rob didn't get any ice cream because he is lactose intolerant and had just eaten a massive grilled cheese sandwich... I'm a lucky girl <3.

Here's a picture of me that is very unflattering in front of a cool mural. Cross body bags and triple Ds don't mix.

This is Westside Market in Ohio City. We went here last time but never got a photo. They sell a lot of meats and produce... like a market.

We also went to Great Lakes Brewing last time we were here and didn't get a picture. "Rob, stand in front of that car's license plate. I don't have photoshop anymore."

Then we went home. This is a picture I got of downtown Cleveland on our way out of town. I also somehow got a little rash on my cheek while we were here. Go Cleveland!!

We hope to go back soon.

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  1. "Ohio City, the Lawrenceville of Cleveland" best description.