Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We Went to DC this Weekend

Rob and I drove to Washington DC on Friday to visit my sister at her new place. She's been there for two months now. Here are some pictures I took during the trip.

Sister pic at brunch. We went to brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Saturday we had an all you can eat, and penny mimosa brunch. The food was incredible but we were so full after and booze-tired on top of that. Also, Saturday ended up being very cold, so our original plans of going to an outdoor festival fell through. Honestly.... we ended up going home and taking a long-ass nap and went back out at 10 p,m. Kind of felt like college.

We didn't stop at the traditional DC monuments because we've all seen them before, but next time we come to DC I wouldn't mind walking the National Mall on a nice day.

These are cupcakes from a place called Sprinkles in Georgetown on Sunday. Apparently this is "the original" cupcakery. The top cupcake is a lemon flavor (Liz's choice), the middle one is called "triple cinnamon" (my choice) and the bottom is a carrot cake cupcake (Rob's choice). We each picked a flavor and split them all three ways to taste. Liz's friend who works at sprinkles brought us a s'mores cupcake after. We barely had room. Trust me, just one cupcake is enough.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival was only two weeks before this so we were able to see all the flowering trees.
More flowering trees. These were taken at Arlington National Cemetery where we saw The Changing of the Guard on Sunday. Also, Picasa automatically made this collage of photos when it noticed there were three similar in a row. I would not have cut my face off on the top one. Thanks Google.

I was very happy to see my sister, but also to see Jordy. She's being a watch dog here.

Jordy and Liz

Crappy quality selfie. I like it anyway.

Liz sleepin' on the subway at 1 am.

Rob wide awake on the subway at 1 am. Those are pizza takeout boxes from a place called &Pizza (and pizza) - best place ever. It's like Chipotle for pizza.

Liz and I both get sick on the Metro. She has more practice than me.

More Jordy. Sweet, sweet Jordy <3.

She likes to wait outside the bathroom door when Liz showers, even though I AM RIGHT HERE.

Jordy is a busy lady.

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