Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Super Late Super Pi Day

Guys. My boyfriend and I made a pecan pie on SUPER PIE DAY. Want to know something awesome? I turned my kitchen into a film set for the process and filmed the entire experience. What to know something super lame? That's ok, I'll tell you anyway. We bickered the entire time.

So now I have an hour long video// correction, two, one-hour long videos... two cameras, two videos//... Anyway, I have 120 minutes of my boyfriend and I bickering about pecans, and pie, and pecan pie. I honestly haven't watched any of the video, because while we are going strong, I just am not in the mood to watch a video of us fighting about nothing. Maybe one day I'll go through the footage and put together the non fighting parts, or a blooper reel of making this pie, or just post the whole thing because I'm real like that. Until then, you get pictures.

Here's the result of our labor of love and... frustration.

Not too shabby eh? The recipe we used is from the list of 25 Perfect Pies on MarthaStuart.com that I vowed to complete in the first ever post in this blog. Something unique about this pie is that we made it in a spring form pan - you know, the kind that looks like a regular pan until it doesn't? As you can see our pie was baked in a pan with removable sides. I am really digging the effect here.

Three of three tasters responded positively to the pie - with one of the tasters requesting seconds, and then thirds. Since pie day I have made an easter pie, and a strawberry pie. I'll tell you more about them in the next few posts.

Until then!

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