Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Time For a Poo Update

It's been two and a half months since I went no poo. In February I stopped using shampoo because my normal method of controlling dandruff was leaving my scalp feeling incredibly dry. It was also the dead of winter, so my skin felt like it was two sizes too small, and when I sat my butt and thighs got itchy. I was kind of a mess. Here's a picture of me from February:

I actually had a great experience going no poo. It improved the "health" (hair can't be healthy, it's dead) and look of my hair. Static that usually plagues me every day was non existent. My hair dried faster with a hair dryer; and it styled better and had so much more natural shine and body because it had a light layer of natural oils.

To recap: the goal is to use no product on your hair in the shower (not sure about styling products, but it seems like that would be a "no" too). However, going cold turkey on the shampoo can lead to a greasy mess for a lot of daily shampoo users whose scalp is used to overproducing oils to compete with the drying qualities of some shampoo ingredients. So during the transition period you can use baking soda and water to remove some of the oils gently. 

For the first week or so I used the baking soda mixture everyday. I was too afraid to risk drying my hair and having to get back in the shower when I had somewhere to be. So I waited for a morning where I had plenty of time to fix greasy hair if necessary. Day one of true no poo was a complete success. Day two was great, day three was still pretty good, by day four I needed a little help from the baking soda spray, and on the cycle went.

The rest of my no poo journey was pretty uneventful, aside from the fact that I LOVED what it did to my hair. However, I'm sad to report that I am going to have to go back to using daily shampoo at least for a little while. You see, all of my expectations were either met or exceeded by only washing my hair with water, except for one thing. My dandruff came back with a vengeance. It's a huge problem, and I know ladies is pimps too, but I can't keep walking around the office brushing my shoulders off, so that's that.


  1. Mike has been doing no-poo for a while now as well, but he does use a dandruff treatment from Lush.

  2. Mike has been doing no-poo for a while now as well, but he does use a dandruff treatment from Lush.