Friday, March 13, 2015

The Christmas Pie Post

You've read the title. You know what's coming. Ok listen. This is what happened. Right after Christmas time I went into a food coma and then promptly started a diet in January. You probably know the story because you are such a loyal reader. So I just, you know, couldn't risk writing a whole post about pies because I was in such a FRAGILE state.

Its fine now though, so in honor of SUPER PI DAY it's time to show you how the Christmas pies I made almost three months ago turned out. I made four pies for Christmas day. The first and best pie was the Spiced Apple Pie with Fluted Round Cutouts. Guess which one is mine.


Here is the Chocolate-Pecan Pie which actually turned out to be the same as a Kentucky Derby pie. Who knew? It's a ton of sugar plus a ton of corn syrup (liquid sugar) plus chocolate. I think it needed to be cooked much longer because the chocolate chunks never melted. This pie was very disappointing. IMO.


This pie was actually not on the 25 Perfect Pies list. It's called a Vanilla Bean Cream Pie and I made it in the spirit of Christmas per my little sister's request. It was amazing. Now one place I did screw this pie up a little bit was I mixed up this crust with the pecan pie crust. If you look above at the pecan pie crust might look a little dark. If you look below at the vanilla bean pie crust you will see that it is a little light. That is because one of the crusts needed to be pre baked and the other did not. The pecan pie crust was basically already done before it went into the oven for the pie filling to bake, and the vanilla bean pie crust did not have to be baked after I poured in the pie filling. Luckily the extra light pie crust turned out ok. Like I said, the filling was awesome. Thanks Liz.


Lastly we have Alexis's Sweet Potato Pie. This pie was good, but most people at Christmas seemed disappointed that it wasn't a pumpkin pie - including me. As you look at it on the fork on its way to your mouth, based on the way it looks, you expect the spices and flavor of pumpkin pie. But the flavor of sweet potato is much more mild, and the pie just falls short for something that looks so much like pumpkin pie. This pie was actually so unimpressive, I don't have a picture of it by itself. In the photo on the right you can see the sweet potato pie in the background of a photo of the real star of the day - spiced apple pie.


Oh, and also I made this gingerbread house!

Thanks for putting up with this insanely late post. You are the best.

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