Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daily Exercise - Week One Accomplished

This weekend I found out I have two more readers than I thought I had. Shout out to the O'Learys!

Ok, so I've hit a milestone... One week of exercising EVERY DAY. Ta da. I worked out for 7 (now 8) days in a row and I'm ready to celebrate. The celebration is right here, with you, right now.

So here is a weekfull of glitzy stars for my weekfull of exercise. I can't believe I am going to say this, but it was worth it. I actually feel good. Could it be possible that everyone was right about consistent exercise? Is it doable? Is it *gasp* rewarding? Maybe one day I will even grow to like it... 

Annnnd I just realized I didn't tell you about my REWARD I planned for getting through 3 weeks of working out everyday.... I'm going to get a massage. I meant to tell you that in my post last Thursday (about the daily exercise) but I forgot to add it when re-writing the entire thing. Long story.

Anyway now that it's been a week and I'm a fitness guru, I'm sort of feeling like its silly to reward myself for only three weeks of working out with a massage. What next? Do I get myself a castle for 3 months of daily exercise? It's hard to ignore how much the promise of a massage (not a fitter, stronger body) has dragged me this far in the process, so I think I'm going to have to let it happen and worry about the next steps when they come.

I think the reason it's such a big deal to me is, well first of all, I'm succeeding at something I've never done, but also I'm attributing all of this seemingly effortless and amazing will power/motivation to the promise of a massage. This may or may not be the real reason for the success I've seen, but what if it is? I am afraid that without placing a light at the end of whatever tunnel I build for myself next, I might never get through.

Luckily, I have you to share my hopes and dreams and fears with. 

P.s. My hair is greasy as hell tonight.

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