Thursday, January 29, 2015

21 Days of Exercise - Eww

My back is so sore this morning and I LOVE it. It's because I've worked out for the last three days in a row, and I'm determined to continue this streak for the next 18 days. This is my second 21 day fix, but I'm starting out a little differently. Last fix I started strong but the exercise fell off quickly, so I focused on food and getting the plan right. Now, I have the food part down pretty solid and I'm beginning a second week with a big focus in exercising every day.

Post workout shot with Jordy - she keeps me honest.
Most people (including me) might say that going from exercising very little, or not at all, to an everyday plan isn't a great idea. Burn out is REAL in both the mental and physical realms. That is totally true. I know from experience. Running everyday when you're just starting out is a horrible idea. However, this idea is different. Obviously, the people who created 21 Day Fix planted some "active rest days" into the exercise DVDs with the likelihood of burnout in mind. They know exercise every day can include active rest days and still count. They basically put that fact right in my face, but for whatever reason, it was actually this article that changed my perspective.

They brought a new idea to the table, which was actually something I had wondered before: if they say doing something everyday for X number of days straight will form a habit (questionable logic, but good to making something that appears to be impossible seem manageable), how am I going to form a habit out of something I only do 3 or 4 days a week? Well the answer is, if you're having trouble, don't do it 3-4 days a week, dummy. Do it every day.

Here's my preschool-style exercise chart! I keep it at work and get a sparkly star sticker for every exercise day.
You can see I filed my taxes on the 20th. Financial independence turns me on.

So with the idea of burnout still in mind, you can imagine that deciding to go to the gym everyday might not be a great plan. If you're like me, going to the gym (even if its on the way home) isn't something you'd want to do for 10 minutes. If I'm going to the gym I have to feel like there is some kind of time based return on my efforts to get there. If I changed my clothes and hauled my ass to the gym, I need to be there for probably an hour to make it "worth it." I know the logic isn't sound, because I could spend an hour in the steam room vs 10 minutes doing Tabata intervals and obviously the latter is a better option in terms of getting a workout. Anyway, the point is, sometimes (in the dead of winter) DVDs are a great option.

The other point is:
Do what works for you. Your lazy half is a stubborn fool and sometimes you have to trick her into getting work done.

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