Thursday, October 23, 2014

TechShop Day

So today I am taking a vacation day from work to kick start my Etsy shop. I haven't mentioned the store yet because so far there isn't a lot to see. If you don't know what Tech Shop is, I explained it in detail on my art blog last year. In a nutshell, it's a maker's paradise.

The only downside to Tech Shop, and this is probably my fault, is it's insanely boring here! A lot of the techniques are automated once you set them up, so you end up with some downtime, especially if your project is large. Ex: each set of 24 Christmas ornaments I make today takes about 35 minutes to cut. The rabbit shapes I printed last year (that can be seen on my art blog) took 4 hours EACH to print. So today I hit a button, hang out for 35 minutes, and repeat.

Luckily I have you to talk to. Blogging has its perks.

Here are some videos of the laser I'm running. It took me about a half hour to remember how to use it, so you can see the faint ghost lines of failure on the board where the laser is cutting.

I'll be posting the finished ornaments and the results of the rest of my time at Tech Shop in a later post. Keep an eye out.

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