Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pie 02 - Honey Pie

I'm sitting here while the honey pie bakes. Let me tell you, the smell is TO DIE. It basically smells like a butter bomb went off in our entire house.

Anyway while we wait for the finished product, let me tell you about the experience of making a Honey Pie. First of all, I never knew that "honey pie" was an actual thing. I always thought it was a pet name that I sometimes use when I'm drunk.

With half of the Pate Brisee left from last week's Banana Cream Pie I had to figure out which recipe's assigned pie crust I was going to skip making. Remember the plan? Each pie has it's own recipe for pie crust and I'm making all of them to gain experience. Well the honey pie's crust called for leaf lard, which is the fat from around a pig's kidneys. I didn't necessarily feel like trying to acquire leaf lard or eating leaf lard in general so this was the perfect pie crust recipe to skip.

Also I didn't need to make a trip to the store to get anything on the list so this pie was a clear winner. #lazysunday

When Rob and I went to upstate New York we got local honey. I used a blueberry honey from Ithica, New York for this recipe.

I learned a lot today about crust. First I learned to crimp the pie correctly. Check out that beautiful crimp job.

Then I learned the true use of pie weights. I bought some weights and used them on the last pie thinking their purpose was to keep the bottom of the crust from bubbling. Turns out you also need the weights to fill the pie enough to keep the sides from slouching. Today, even though the crimping came out exactly how I wanted it to, it basically melted the moment it went in the oven. I realized this and in a rush, tried my best to fix the sides, and filled in the pie pan with the first thing I could think of... oats. Basically the crust got deformed. Now I know for next time.

Making the filling for the pie was pretty easy. In case you were wondering, this is what butter looks like melting into hot honey.

This is the pie right out of the oven, and then about 20 minutes later after cooling.

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